Jason Allen Anderson

A Seattle-based conductor, liturgist, organist, teacher, singer, and composer

Sonnet II: Advent Blue

Jason and Peter

The world moves onward to new Advents – blue: the hue of death, depression, dark – what grief! And yet – of ocean, sky, and berries sweet the hue. Processions, choirs, and clouds of incense meet. Enormous banners herald light to come, but your departure makes this Advent bleak— the heart, so hurt, by loss […]

And back again

Bright orb crossing the heavens, morning changes to evening— and back again. Eternal, ageless, and yet, still marching through time. The sun declares anew every morning that LIFE MOVES ON. Growth turns to decay— and back again. Life turns to death— and back again. Clear skies change to rain— and back again. Summer fades to […]

Photo Gallery: Peter R. Hallock [color]

Here is a collection of color photos of Peter Hallock. Again, these have posted to Facebook already, but not everyone has that, so enjoy a trip down memory lane—this time in color. Perhaps you have a favorite photo of or story about Peter you’d like to share? Send them to me via email. Like this:Like Loading…

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