October 11: Website updates

Updates as of 11 October 2014 include:

  • Uploading of poem and photo. The photo was taken on a recent hike in the Snoqualmie region of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The poem is the result of a class I am taking for the next seven weeks entitled Writing Through Your Grief. Believe me, I’ve dealt with plenty of grief and loss this year.
  • Updating of compositions page to reflect the commencement of The Compline Psalter, vol. 2 (vol. 1 of course having been composed by Peter R. Hallock). It is not my intent to copy or mimic Hallock, but to add new, substantive Psalm settings to the Compline repertoire in the Psalm language familiar to the choir. Psalms 1, 16, 26, 85, 96 and 138 are complete; Psalm 62 is in progress.

And back again

IMG_1887Bright orb crossing the heavens,
morning changes to evening—
and back again.
Eternal, ageless, and yet,
still marching through time.
The sun declares anew every morning that
Growth turns to decay—
and back again.
Life turns to death—
and back again.
Clear skies change to rain—
and back again.
Summer fades to autumn,
to the cold and dark winter
to a spring of nascent life—and back again.

Photo and poetry © 2014 Jason A. Anderson. All rights reserved.
Photo: View of Denny Creek Falls, Washington State.

Photo Gallery: Peter R. Hallock [color]

Here is a collection of color photos of Peter Hallock. Again, these have posted to Facebook already, but not everyone has that, so enjoy a trip down memory lane—this time in color.

Perhaps you have a favorite photo of or story about Peter you’d like to share? Send them to me via email.