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The Rock

PRH_BoyI see a young boy working quietly away,
On a letter he is trying to send out today,
Telling of the fun they all had that one night
When “a fish in the wheel” had put out the light.

How Bobbie had started a fire in the hearth,
And started to cook for all she was worth.
With a pan in one hand and an egg in the other,
Which she cracked in the pan for a fine little brother.

For, he is a fine boy, from his feet to his head
Which his Uncle has nicknamed his Strawberry Red.

Now, who do you s’pose is that cute little Lad,
Whose smile is so bright and whose face is so glad,
Who writes such nice letters to his Uncle and Aunt,
Who lights up a lamp when the ’lectric light can’t,
And draws us ink roses and sends his love too?
I’ll say that this boy knows just what to do.

Well, this boy is Peter, and when his Aunt read
All the news he so lovingly sent us, she said:
“How sweet,” and the smile that came into her eyes,
Was the tender sweet glow of a happy surprise.

So, Peter, please write us again and again,
Then we’ll know that you love us.

We sincerely remain,
Uncle Chas. and Aunt Edna

Found in the Hallock family scrapbook at Peter’s home. It was Uncle Charles and Aunt Edna who introduced Peter to puppeteering at the age of 9 or 10 and it is Peter’s interest in puppeteering that brought about the collaboration with Aurora Valentinetti—the liturgical drama Everyman being a prime example of their collaborative creative output.

Photo of Peter Rasmussen Hallock as a schoolboy, ca. 1932.

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