Jason Allen Anderson

A Seattle-based conductor, liturgist, organist, teacher, singer, and composer

The Sun pierces the heart

​Unrelenting beams of the Sun’s light pierce the heart,
Though clouds of work and stress batter the soul,
And winds whip and dry out the body.

Enveloped by jagged mountain peaks and water-carved valleys,
Little snow can be seen—invisible—but still the waters visibly flow,
Their undulations varying from babble to thunderous roar.

What troubles you, soul?
What ails you, mind?
What pains you, body?

I am solitary, said the soul.
I am stressed beyond measure, said the mind.
I am poured out, said the body.

Look around and gaze deep within—breathe—the waters called.
Look above and see from whence your help comes—breathe—the mountains entreated.
Look below and find your way in the wilderness—breath—the valleys summoned.

So I gazed, saw, and found—and breathed.

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