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A Seattle-based conductor, liturgist, organist, teacher, singer, and composer

Academic Materials

All of the files below are available as PDFs only. I authored all of the files below. Thus, they are my intellectual property. If you wish to use any material contained in these files, you must cite me in a footnote and list me in your bibliography. Failure to do so constitutes academic fraud and is a violation of United States Copyright.

Dissertation Abstract: “The Life and Works of Peter R. Hallock (b. 1924)”

General Examination Topics and Research Interests

French Baroque Sacred Choral Music, 1632-1714
Liturgical Arts
Renaissance Listening List
Sacred Choral Music of Lili Boulanger
Ralph Vaughan Williams Hodie: Toward a Conductor’s Guide
Vocal Mini-Recital Program

University of Washington
Center for Instructional Development & Research, TA Conference, Summer 2006

Assessing Student Works in the Fine Arts

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