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Compline FAQ

We have heard you have a service called Compline and that hundreds of young people attend. We are exploring starting a Compline service. How do we do it?

Ken Peterson, a member of Compline Choir, has written a book about Compline at St. Mark’s (and in general), which will be helpful before we delve into the specifics. The book is called Prayer as Night Falls and it is available for purchase from Amazon.

In short, Compline has been chanted every Sunday night for 58 years—except when Christmas Eve falls on Sunday. In part, it is that predictability and reliability which has allowed Compline to grow. Compline is one of six services on Sundays at the cathedral (8am, 9am, and 11am Eucharist, 5pm Evensong, 7pm Eucharist, 9:30pm Compline). One thing not widely known, but every singer and the director volunteer our time to sing Compline—none of us are compensated. That alone speaks volumes. Let’s talk more after you’ve read the book.

Updated: 12/14/2013 — 5:34 AM
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